Hello there!

Yes, I’m leaving my blog open although it’s a type of SNS, too. Since I decided not to talk to my friends, I have to say my thoughts here and you readers don’t have any choice. Hehe~

Obviously, it’s my birthday so I wanna lock myself in the room and be sad all day. But, I just can’t.

Mom surprised me with a birthday cake. I feel so touched. I wasn’t expecting anything because everybody knows that I don’t like celebrations. Still, mom did this. I think that she’s trying to cheer me up and as much as I wanted to be sad, I couldn’t help but smile. I locked myself in the wash room and argued with myself.

Can’t you just be happy just for today?


Mom made an effort. Everybody, actually.

Mom came down from upstairs and I heard she told me to take pictures. I was like, OMG! Are we gonna sing Happy Birthday and blow candles? OMG! I stayed in the wash room for another few minutes.

Then, I joined her in having lunch. She told me that we all should eat together but my sister came home very late so she didn’t insist.

When my brother came down, he was about to tease me but I blocked him asking where he would go.

I heard mom said we should eat the cake but she went up to feed Cody, our Shih Tzu.

I went back to my room after lunch and before mom left, she told me to put the cake inside the fridge. I felt sorry that we didn’t eat the cake. Huhu~


How can you not be happy receiving this present? Haha~

from Kuya Lester

from Daryl

from Ate Jeniz