Hello there!

I just deactivated most of my SNS accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Saying goodbye to my friends online is a major decision. Although I promised to comeback after a week, I’m not yet sure if I will be able to do it. Let’s see~

So, what is the real score why I had to do it?

I had committed a mortal sin. And, I believe that I deserve to get a punishment. So, I’m taking away one of the most important thing in my life, SNS.

Also, my birthday is coming and you know I hate celebrations. I mean, I don’t have the right to be happy. I almost didn’t want to celebrate Christmas the last time.

I told my friends that they could just think that it’s gonna be my sacrifice for this Holy week that’s why they didn’t argue anymore.

I miss them already. It’s so hard and heartbreaking when I asked them to say their last words. It’s as if I’m not gonna come back anymore ~ huhu ~ I feel so sad.