Each year, insiders in the South Korean entertainment industry vote to create a list of power rankings for the top stars of the year. The TV Report list takes votes from the top Korean drama PDs at the major networks KBS, MBC, and SBS and the biggest production companies. In determining the rankings, the producers chose which actors and actresses they most want to see in starring drama roles. As contributing factors, the PDs considered acting talent, star power, and the reputation for on-set work ethic and attitude. Let’s look at the 2015 rankings compared to last year and see if your favorites made the cut!

One thing you’ll notice about this year’s list is that there are a lot more ties than last year. It’s kind of nice to see them spreading the love to all of these talented actors, even if it means that they cheated and crammed 21 actors into 9 slots!


9. (Tied) Go SooGong YooPark Seo JoonPark Hae JinYoo Ah InIm Si WanJang HyukJoo Ji Hoon

8. (Tied) YoochunYoo Seung HoJi Chang WookCha Seung WonHyun Bin

7. Ji Sung


6. So Ji Sub

Recent series: The Master’s Sun

5. Lee Jong Suk

4. (Tied) Lee Min Ho

4. (Tied) Song Joong Ki

3. Jo In Sung

Recent series: It’s Okay, That’s Love

2. Kim Woo Bin

1. Kim Soo Hyun

Upcoming series: Producer

Kim Soo Hyun tops the actor list for the second year in a row! To see him in his upcoming series Producer, sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

As a reference, here was 2014’s list:

10. Song Joong Ki

9. Park Yoo Chun

8. Gong Yoo

7. Lee Seung Gi

6. Kim Woo Bin

5. Jo In Sung

4. Lee Min Ho

3. Hyun Bin

2. Lee Byung Hun

1. Kim Soo Hyun

Much of the lists stayed the same, but Ji Sung, So Ji Sub, and Lee Jong Suk all saw big leaps in popularity, going from unranked positions to the top 7 this year. Lee Byung Hyun didn’t fare as well, dropping completely off the list from second place with a tough year of scandals.