Actress Kong Hyo Jin recently did a photo shoot for the New Year issue of ‘HIGH CUT’ magazine, where she showed her multiple endless charms.

In the photo shoot, Kong Hyo Jin was able to carry off images of a top star to an ordinary woman with minimal make-up with relative ease.

Kong Hyo Jin talked about acting in her current play ‘Educating Rita’ as well as her goals for 2015, “The most incredible thing is that a different mistake will happen every day. On a day where I would perk myself up to do well, I then realized that I was just refreshing my record of making the worst mistake ever.”

As for starring in a play for the first time in her 15 year acting career, Kong Hyo Jin said, “I hope to gain energy from the audience, so I would just approach it with an empty mind. That emptiness would have to be filled by the energy from audience members. I also want to show everyone the acting experience that I have accumulated over the 15 years, and wanted to spend the end of the year in a different manner.”

Kong Hyo Jin also said, “Emotional scenes are definite for any productions. I never want to repeat doing ‘love at first sight’ stories, and do a role that experiences growth, and suffers setbacks along the way. As you review scripts, you will realize that some characters would stop growing or have no room for change after gaining love. Or an ordinary woman meets a handsome looking man, and has a happy ending. I don’t really like such roles, and I would prefer to do something that experiences growth as it progresses.”

As for her goals in 2015, Kong Hyo Jin said, “I will turn 35 this year, so it’s unbelievable. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, so I have to live life positively. There’s a saying that you must understand clearly what you really want in life. I only took scant notice of that previously, but it’s only recently that I realized how true that saying was.”

By: Alvin