Kim Soo Hyun Philippines spearheaded an event to show their love and support for Matteo Do of My Love from the Star.

The members shared to how grateful they are for the efforts of GMA to bring the number one hit Korean romantic comedy, My Love from the Star, in the Philippines.

From the pilot episode to the much-awaited finale, fans showed their unwavering support to the “alien” that capture their hearts.

As the clock struck 5:45 p.m., fans gathered in front of the T.V. to watch the episode aired that day. Everyone got emotional on how Matteo and Steffi Cheon (Jun Ji Hyun) spent their time together before Matteo leaves Earth.

After watching My Love from the Star, they took each other pictures with Matteo Do’s picture. The event might seem simple but for them it’s like a dream come true to watch Kim Soo Hyun till the end of My Love from the Star.