Bago ang nalalapit na pagtatapos ng No. 1 Hit KoreanAlien Invasion, balikan muna natin ang mga hindi malilimutang eksena nina Matteo at Steffi na nagpakilig, nagpaiyak, at nagpatawa sa bawat manonood. Alin sa mga ito ang pinakatumatak sa inyo?

They started out as elevator strangers and eventually turned out as lovers. Dito rin natin unang narinig ang hindi malilimutang “Sarreh! Okay?! Sarreh!” ni Steffi.

Matteo was Steffi‘s very own Professor Do. This was the very first time they both figured out they’d be spending school hours together.

If every Professor looked this good, what would you do?

Here’s another first! Because Steffi screwed up in class, she had to de-stress. When she got out of her mind due to too much alcohol intake, she went straight ahead to Matteo‘s place and right there and then, she fell asleep. Look who gazed at her lovely face.

Buong time na nasa ospital si Steffi, it was Matteo who kept her company.

Matteo was Steffi‘s living first aid kit. He was always one call and one scream away.

There was a time when Steffi kept breaking Matteo‘s tablewares. How did he stop her? A hug. A hug from behind.

Dahil natalo si Steffi sa card game, nakatanggap siya ng pitik sa noo mula kay Matteo. Sweet, wasn’t it?

Remember the official first date kung saan nainggit si Steffi sa babaeng nakatanggap ng red roses? The truth is, Matteo was supposed to give her a ring. Why didn’t he? Because he wanted to give it to her on a very special day.

Steffi, the 15-second fairy, tried her 15-second advertisement to Matteo. Did it work? Yes, it did! Matteo grabbed her towards and him and they both kissed.

Mornings, much more beautiful when spent together.

Sneaky Matteo used to check if Steffi was on a good sleep. Whenever he felt she was feeling cold, he would cover her body with a blanket. But Matteo, a hug from you was much better to keep her warm.

The first person to worry about Matteo was Steffi. Look, she was always right beside this sickening alien, taking care of him.

There was jealousy around the corner. Steffi, you didn’t have to be paranoid. Matteo was too in love with you to fall for someone else.

Parang mga bata kung maglaro ng snow ang dalawa.

Matteo was kidnapped by Steffi for a dinner date. Obviously, she didn’t take no for an answer and forced Matteo to come with her.

Thank heavens for that super power, Matteo. Remember this scene when he accidentally sent Steffi an “I miss you” message? Of course, it was sweet. But it could have been sweeter if he didn’t delete it.

Matteo pulled Steffi back by making her fly. Steffi did enjoy flying for a little while but what made her happier was the special kiss that followed afterwards.

Out of love and so much concern for Steffi, Matteo cancelled her contract with Jackson. And voluntarily declared himself as Steffi‘s manager.

That pakipot moment of Steffi Cheon. But of course, she was not able to resist that hug from Matteo Do.

Matteo happened to be Steffi‘s stage manager or boyfriend perhaps.

Matteo had his drunken moment too. After a drinking session with Attorney Jang, he teleported inside Steffi‘s room and slept. Asked who he wanted to be with, “Steffi Cheon! Si Steffi ang gusto kong kasama,” he answered.

Sermons, more tolerable when sealed with a kiss, right Matteo?

See! At first they were elevator strangers. Look how far these two have gone. Humoholding hands na.

This was the very first time they took selfies! Every time Steffi missed Matteo, she said she would just look at their photos together and think of him.

Matteo came back. And they semi-lived happily ever after!