Did you know that Matteo and Steffi kissed for only 10 times during the entire season of My Love From The Star? It may not be countless but it surely was magical. Take a quick trip down memory lane for the top 10 kissing scenes of Matteo and Steffi.

#TheFirstKiss The very first time Matteo‘s lips touched Steffi‘s was during a party held at the cruise ship. While Matteo stared longingly at Steffi, the super star pulled him closer and closer and closer until the first kiss happened.

#The15SecondKiss Just when Steffi taught her 15-second advertisement won’t work, Matteo grabbed her and kissed her. He may have gotten sick afterwards but the fever was all worth it.

#TheTrueLoveKiss There is nothing much sweeter than a kiss on the forehead, right Matteo? If there is one thing that made Steffi feel much better after the accident, it definitely was Matteo‘s magical kiss.

#TheGoodMorningKiss There’s no better way to start your day than a kiss from the person you truly love the most. What a beautiful morning for the most adorable alien that has ever existed!

#ThePeaceBeWithYouKiss If words don’t work, try actions. That moment when Steffi walked out, Matteo could not help but use his super power to make Steffi fly closer to him. And then they hugged. And then they kissed. And then everything else fell into place.

#TheStolenKiss If it wasn’t for the alcoholic drink Matteo took the night he slept inside Steffi‘s room, this kiss would not be possible. Two thumbs up for that stolen smack, Steffi!

#TheFrozenKiss When Steffi was about to walk away, Matteo stopped the time and took advantage of it. He held Steffi‘s hand and sealed the winter snow with a kiss.

#TheUnforgettableKiss Because it was Steffi and Matteo‘s first time to take selfies, because they had the chance to escape from reality, because they promised each other true love, this kiss on a very special day will definitely be remembered.

#ThePlayfulKiss Nothing beats that feeling of getting a kiss on the lips after fooling around with one another.

#TheKissYouHaveBeenLongingFor And after three years of longing, Steffi Cheon finally got what she wanted – not another award nor another fan screaming her name but the man she has been wanting to be with. They may not be together all the time but their hearts surely beat as one.