Ah, Korean capitalism at its best: Have you ever wanted to step into your favorite drama? Well, now’s your chance! Built at a cost of just over $2.9 million US, a special You From Another Star experience center opened a week ago at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, and it has already drawn over 6,000 visitors. As the nation’s first ever exhibition devoted to a modern drama, the attraction has lured visitors from abroad; roughly 85% of the attendees thus far have been foreigners, and, in a testament to the popularity of You From Another Star in China, of those visitors, 80% were Chinese.
A source related to the project said, “The You From Another Star experience center is something new to see and is proving to be a destination for the ever expanding group of Chinese visitors. It will provide a boost to domestic tourism revenues.” The source also noted, “Currently, many visitors from abroad have sought out the exhibition. As the summer holiday begins we expect even more foreign tourists, as well as domestic attendees.”

The You From Another Star exhibition houses accurately replicated sets from the show, of which the most popular has been Do Min-joon’s library. Attendees can also view Do Min-joon’s living room and Chun Song-yi’s bedroom. In other areas, visitors can snap realistic pictures with the two leads against a green screen background, take photos using the frozen moment/time slice effect (used in the show and in movies like The Matrix), and open the door that Do Min-joon used to teleport through. Also on display is one of the meteorites that fell during the Jinju meteor shower that actually occurred in Korea on March 9th, which has been christened Do Min-joon meteorite (LOL — anything with a remote connection).

An SBS executive acknowledged that this first attempt at a drama-based experience could be improved upon, but the company will continue to try to upgrade the exhibits. Various events have been scheduled for the space in front of the Plaza for this weekend, and starting this week, visitors will be able to operate a camera used in production and try their hand at acting on a production set. In another sign that these types of pop-up experiences could be an ongoing trend, SBS is considering building a similar exhibition for Doctor Stranger upon the program’s conclusion, as the show is proving popular in China.