Hallyu star Kim Soo-hyeon-I‘s popularity isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon and the interests for him are stirring up certain rumors. There has been a ‘surgical’ rumor in China.

This rumor started online and rose to the surface as several media started talking about it. There have been nasty reports about the actor saying he was a product of cosmetic surgery.

Some media asked Kim Soo-hyeon-I personally about medical modifications such as, “We know Korean stars undergo cosmetic surgery, have you?”

It was a sensitive subject but Kim Soo-hyeon-I was cool about it. He said, “Not everyone does. I am still young, so I don’t need it”.

Local media said, “The tense atmosphere turned into a funny one thanks to him. He is a very cheerful star. He’s earned himself the nickname ‘curious baby'”.

Kim Soo-hyeon-I‘s popularity is hitting the climax in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other Asian countries. Along with popularity comes extreme interest for the artist and Kim Soo-hyeon-I‘s laidback reaction makes him even more lovable.

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