“My Love from the Star” isn’t over yet. There have been various events to fill in the empty positions left by Jeon Ji-hyeon and Kim Soo-hyeon-I.

SBS and HB Entertainment are hosting a large scale exhibition of the drama set at the Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza on the 10th of June to the 15th of August.

The set cost 2 billion won to build and it is the exact copy of Jeon Ji-hyeon and Kim Soo-hyeon-I’s living room and bedroom. There are also various events where one can experience ‘alien-like’ Kim Soo-hyeon-I’s super powers.

It is unusual for something like this to happen after a drama. The drama was a great hit in Korea but it was bigger in China; it great enough to say it became a shockwave. It seems like the after effects of the drama will draw more Asian fans into the country.

“My Love from the Star” will also be movie-fied. Producer Jang Tae-yoo is currently editing the drama into 2 hours. It will be released all over China in August.

There also has been talk about remaking the drama in other foreign countries.

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