Kim Soo-hyun (born in 1988), a Hallyu star actor who has created a successful career through popular TV series and movies, has been selected as THEFACESHOP‘s new model for the Asian market.

Together with the brand’s global model Suzy (a member of Miss A), Kim is expected to bring an explosive growth through THEFACESHOP’s publicity activities in Asian countries except for South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Kim has played leading roles in a television drama called “Moon Embracing Sun”, a.k.a. The Sun and the Moon, and in a movie called “Secretly, Greatly” that made a huge success. In addition to that, the recent series “My Love from the Star” has won Kim a tremendous popularity, especially in Chinese market. His popularity seems to be growing endlessly, as he is making the top on every list of the most popular Korean actor.

Yoon Young-jun, the head of THEFACESHOP’s overseas division, commented,

Kim’s popularity is growing exponentially with his double images of masculinity and gentleness.

He added with a high expectation on Kim,

The brand’s image of nature matches well with Kim Soo-hyun’s styles.

The promotional activities of Kim will begin in April.

Currently, THEFACESHOP operates over 2,300 shops in 29 countries where it sells nature based products that are also eco-friendly.

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