Hello there!

Today is my birthday and I am supposed to be happy. But I seem not.

Notifications from numerous phone calls, text messages,  tweets, wall posts and photo tags kept on waking me up this morning but I still managed to stick on my plan to oversleep. I did not want to get up early because I was afraid that nobody was gonna remember it is, you know, my birthday.

After getting tired of lying down on my bed, I got back to all those social networking apps on my phone.

Jesselle Marianne Santos is one of my college friends who is like a shoulder to lean on. Though we do not go out very often, I know that in our hearts, we always remember each other. After reading that tweet days ago, I wanted to reply quickly and tell her that, yes, she was the first one to greet me. But, I thought that I would just save it on the exact day, that is, today.

This one is unexpected. Or maybe, I am just not used to it, to being vocal in expressing our feelings to a family member. I mean, it is given that you love your family. No words needed. Just affection. But anyway, I appreciated it a lot.

daryl.a.david on Facebook

There are things in life that “you’re choice, your prize” too! But then there are these things that God gave us for reasons beyond our understanding. You Carlette, is one of those. Such a weird, quirky and bubbly gift! On the many reasons and beyond we are thankful and love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday! #paroparongbukid #unangthrowbackthursday

My greatest regret in life as of today is not being able to greet Daryl on his birthday. I know that he was wondering why because he asked me so. That time, I told him that the battery of my phone was malfunctioning but the total truth is that I did not know what to say. I had been thinking how to express my gratitude towards him but at the end of the day, I failed to do any of my plans. So today, I quite thought that he would do the same thing to take revenge on me. But, he chose to be thoughtful and I am grateful.

Lesson for Life: Do not express to impress. Always remember that thoughts from your heart will be the best you can offer.

All day long, I locked myself in my room and it was silly. My siblings called me many times to join them during dinner but I did not show up. It is just that I was afraid that there would be nothing special like what I had during lunch so I preferred to starve myself. But to my dismay,…

I was so stupid! Because of me being wretched irrationally, I unintentionally ruined their surprise. This is the main reason why I became unhappy on my birthday.

I know that I am good in appreciating everybody’s deeds but there are times like this when I could not even say, Thank you. It is just that I think that this phrase is not enough to express how grateful I am. And, it gives me more sadness not being able to tell everyone how I feel.

Lesson for Life: Do not expect too much on yourself. Being simple is lovable.