Three years ago, during this time of the year, my dad’s partner wanted me in their business. I refused by finding a job right after he told me the plan. And I felt so blessed when someone called me a few hours after I posted my resume online.

The next day, I found myself inside a Human Resource Office. I was being interviewed by the HR assistant. She was so fluent in English that challenged me a lot.

I mean, I rarely meet people who think and talk English that is why, every time I am given a chance to encounter situation like this, I really do my best. And it is funny because I used to make this kind of conversation longer to be able to secretly work out my language skills. He-he-he!

The following day, I was shaking on my way to the Special Projects Manager’s Office. I mean, I was always nervous during interviews but that time, it was kinda weird. The HR assistant told me that the SP manager was impressed on the contents of my resume. Well, I really made it impressive and elegant. But knowing that, I felt like I was gonna faint.

Everything becomes harder for me whenever someone gives compliment on me or in anything I do. It is like, I have to really, really give and do my best to be able not to disappoint the people who make a good impression of me.

And so I stopped worrying and started answering the manager’s questions. I did not care whether I seemed self-applauded or incompetent. What I showed was more of honesty than timidity.

Well, I guess it worked. Because obviously, this month marks my third year in the company. And also, our former manager’s last day of work.

Everybody is so sad about her leaving but we cannot be so unfair. We undoubtedly know her reasons, her longing to be with her family.

Last Friday, our department had a surprise party for her. Not because she is gonna leave us, but it was more of a celebration of her dreams coming true. Before the party ended, she thanked everybody.

I was holding my tears when she was speaking.

She has been so good to me. I cannot remember any moment that I got annoyed at her. I mean, it is normal to have misunderstandings between employees and employer. But with her, it seems like all of the things are in their proper places. I just regret not being able to have a picture with her.

Anyway, I lied when I told my officemate that I forgot to say good bye. The truth is, I just cannot say it to a beautiful thing like her.