The Power of Two

Exactly one week ago, I went to the Smart Araneta Coliseum to celebrate equality with people who seek for it, currently embracing it and willing to accept it.


Her birth name is Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, popularly known as Charice, and she is the World’s Most Talented Girl.

She was actually my bet on Little Big Star. And I knew that when she did not win the contest, she felt bad and thought that it was the end. But there is a saying that goes, “Every ending is just a new beginning.” I am talking about her Hollywood break.

The next time I saw her was in False Voice‘s YouTube channel.

Most of the comments were annoying and the worst was saying that it was only lip-synced. That time, it was the most viewed video receiving more than a million hits. Also, it became a huge hit on UCC (Korea‘s version of YouTube) which led her to a Star King guesting.

I loved it because I have been very hooked to Korean wave since Winter Sonata aired in the Philippines. Charice even had a duet with Cho Kyuhyun oppa of Super Junior!

These Star King videos were seen by the staff of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And no wonder, they were also amazed by this little girl with the big voice.

After Ellen, …it’s Oprah!

…and the rest is history! I mean, I cannot actually write her full life story here because it will take forever. But, I wanna share my favourite Charice experience.

On the 21st of September 2010, I won passes to the  Exclusive GLEE Season 2 Pilot Screening.

Exclusive GLEE Season 2 Pilot Screening

gleek sneak

Exclusive GLEE Season 2 Pilot Screening

Charlene and Carlette

Exclusive GLEE Season 2 Pilot Screening

Gleek Snack

Exclusive GLEE Season 2 Pilot Screening

Daryl, Charlene and Carlette

Being a part of Glee, Charice made the Philippine people proud, and even prouder when she was introduced as Sunshine Corazon, a Filipino exchange student. It was so nice that she actually portrayed a role of a Pinay despite of the racial discrimination abroad. But the totally her came into the picture when she arrived here in Manila, 8th of March 2012.

The first time I saw her in this edgy look, I was like, “Oh my goodness! Is it Charice? She is so cool. I totally love her!” Her Infinity Tour is my favourite among her series of shows. I even watched her on The X Factor Philippines. I loved her different looks every week. She never stopped reinventing. I was just sad seeing her being bullied by netizens. And so I’m Not Perfect was produced.

iTunes – Music – I’m Not Perfect (feat. Charice) – Single by Cheesa

Four months ago, Charice broke her silence. Well, it did not matter to me whether she’s gay or straight. As long as she sings, I love her.

I even joined a live chat, …ehehe!

She was in America that time to attend the 2013 MLB Beacon Awards Luncheon in Chicago.

It was so nice of them to have Charice performed in that big event. Also, it was like her international coming out because it was her first appearance on Hollywood with her new look, new genre and everything.

Want more from Charice? Check out her latest album entitled Chapter 10.


Her birth name is Cariza Yamson Seguerra, popularly known as Aiza Seguerra, and she is the Asia’s Acoustic Sensation.

I strongly believe that no Filipino does not know her. She’s the cutest during her childhood. Being a finalist of Eat Bulaga‘s Little Miss Philippines, she was given a big break. From TV shows to movies, she’s small but terrible indeed. From acting to singing, she defined what awesome is. I’m talking about her album entitled Little Star.

iTunes – Music – Little Star by Aiza Seguerra

Her comeback was a huge success hitting the music chart with her song Pagdating ng Panahon. I was in grade school by then and fond of boy bands. But when I saw her on TV singing that song, I was like, “Oh, my goodness! Is she really Aiza? …the little girl? She’s amazing!” I even asked my classmate to print me the lyrics.

iTunes – Music – Pagdating ng Panahon by Aiza Seguerra

A.S.A.P. Sessionista 20.11 was the first concert I had seen her performed live. It was also held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum way back valentines of 2011. I was with my cousins and of course, Aiza‘s my favourite that night.

A.S.A.P. Sessionista 20.11 [2011-02-05]

Charlene, Jeniza, Carlette and Bonna

A.S.A.P. Sessionista 20.11 [2011-02-05]

Bonna, Daryl, Carlette, Jeniza and Charlene

A.S.A.P. Sessionista 20.11 [2011-02-05]

Jeniza, Daryl, Carlette, Charlene and Bonna

I also went to see Bente Singko AIZA SEGUERRA Anniversary Concert.

It was another huge success for Aiza. I had watched many concerts and it was my first time seeing a show that had no front act. The first seating that was filled was the Patron. Also, the Gen. Admin was overloaded. It was jam-packed!

And so after hearing the news that she would have a concert with Charice, I started visiting TicketNet Online to be able to inquire for tickets. But, I actually rushed to SM Mega Mall Department Store Customer Service to have a purchase. It was raining so hard that time but I just ignored it while singing Another Rainy Day on my mind. Well, I did not regret getting wet because I had fun at the concert.

The Unbreakable Tour

It was raining on our way to the Smart Araneta Coliseum. It was kinda bad because the show started late waiting for the people who might be stranded. But, it was so good because we did not have to wait outside the theater. The management let us in right away and so we found the best seats.

The intro that was flashed on-screen clearly sent the message of that night’s event. And with Michael Jackson‘s Black or White, Charice and Aiza rocked the Big Dome.

Aiza‘s dancing moves during her Beat It performance was surprising. I mean, we rarely see her doing that. And, it was amazing. She really can dance.

Charice‘s The Way You Make Me Feel was like a dream come true to her. We all know that she loves to dance. But she could not do it before because of the high-heels, skirts and everything. That night, she moved the way she wanted.

Aiza was the first one to do the solo part. Of course, she was with her guitar, Mike Villegas, the Pogi Boys, and Ria Villena-Osorio, her musical director. When she confessed that she just got released from the hospital, everybody was touched. Although she was having a hard time singing with her weak voice, it did not spoil the night. She sang her heart out. All her songs were inspirational and she was like serenading not just her special someone but all of us there.

Gloc-9 was a guest. Before, I was not really in to the rap thing because I thought that it was only for the boys. But when I saw a girl doing it, I found it cool. I like his song Sumayaw Ka because I kinda love dancing. Anyway, with the special participation of Gloc-9, Sirena wrapped up Aiza‘s set list.

Charice‘s opening song was Pyramid. I like it because it is actually a love song that has a deep meaning. After her coming out revelations, I have been wondering if she would still gonna sing her old songs. And she did it! On her background was a lettering of her name. That was so Charice! The rest of her songs were of different genres but the most touching were her dedications to her family. Not just Charice, I think that all of us wished that her family was there for her. Well of course, we all know the situation. It was a good thing that she was with her brother, Troy Laureta who happened to be her musical director, along with her US band, Chris Wrate and Keith Stix Mc Jimson.

Abra was also a guest. You would not imagine how happy I was seeing him in person for the first time. I was like, “Baby!” with the jumping ovation. I just hope that my friends did not see how crazy I was over him. He performed Gayuma with Charice.

The Power of Two CHARICE and AIZA The Unbreakable Tour was simply a night of celebration, full of message and inspiration. With two of the Philippines’ pride plus two special collaborations, you could not ask for more.

Charice and Aiza were funny on stage together. But when it came to their singing, they were seriously touching the people’s hearts. I love the sentimental part when they sang their songs alternately. Not to mention that those were all OPM.

  • Ano’ng Nangyari Sa Ating Dalawa by Aiza

Ito pong kanta na ‘to ay para lang po sa mga tao na malapit na pong maghiwalay, …malapit nang mawalan ng jowa, …kasi hindi na sila masaya.

  • Yakap by Charice

Itong kakantahin ko po, para naman po ‘to sa mga nagkabalikan na.

  • Pagdating ng Panahon by Aiza

Itong kata na ‘to specifically ay para po sa mga tao na hindi napapagod umasa na malay mo, balang araw, mahalin ka rin ng taong mahal mo.

  • Makita Kang Muli by Charice

Ito naman pong kakantahin ko po, para naman sa mga taong ipinaglalaban ang taong mahal nila ng sobra-sobra, …yung lahat gagawin mo, …makita lang siyang muli.

After introducing their bands, a surprise flashed on the screen. First, it was Bossing Vic Sotto who gave a message to his Little Bossing, Aiza. Then, it was Aiza‘s mom. Last was a friend of Charice. Also, Aiza boosted up her partner’s spirit telling Charice that it had been a journey before she was able to have the acceptance from her family. And that, she told Charice to hang in there.

My friends were wondering if their ending song would be Power of Two. But I was thinking that it could not be it because that song is about love. And so they sang Titanium. It was the same song they performed when they had their first duet.


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