Last night, we were able to celebrate my brother’s birthday despite the heavy rain. But, you would not believe the hardships we went through preparing for the event.

The Preparation

@izzan_21 is preparing for his #birthday #party tonight #SarapNgWeekend

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…because it is raining right now

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Seriously, we were hesitating if we were gonna carry on the party. The rain was falling so hard and the wind was blowing so mad like the two were fighting. It was really a disaster. But what are family for?

The Preparation Part Two

My cousins and I decided to fix the temporary cover on our roof deck so that the guests would not get wet. We changed clothes and started the Bayanihan. Mom caught us and wanted us to let it go. She worried that we might get sick while doing that under the rain. We insisted and told her some alibi that we could not eat until our other cousins arrived. When she went down to the ground floor, we continued doing our stuff. It was so hard because we were like fighting against the rain and the wind, too. But we could not deny the fact that we had fun. We were laughing while working. Also, we did not forget to capture those moments.

@izzan_21 birthday party with @lest3r @darylsnapshots @cjalonalon & kim

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…and it was a success make-over! It’s really something when you’re with the David’s Clan.

The Event


Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Kalderetang Baka

Fried Chicken

Chips sponsored by Daryl

Cake sponsored by Kristine

Brother and Mom

Crizzan and Kristine

Our Extended Family

…at natuloy din ang #birthday #party! #SarapNgWeekend

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On behalf of my brother, I would like to thank our cousins, friends and loved ones who came.