Yesterday, I got my digital copy of Chapter 10 from iTunes. The first track entitled, “Unexpected Love” is an original.

Unexpected LoveI believe that Charice co-wrote it with the Laureta siblings, Troy and Cheesa. And indeed, it is an amazing composition.

TORN BETWEEN Charice and Ser Chief

When You Say Nothing at All” is the fourth track. I was like, “OMYG! Why?”

I mean, it is a great song and truly one of my favourites. It was the theme song of Julia Roberts‘ classic “Notting Hill“. Also, a promotional song of Yoo Ji Tae and Choi Ji Woo‘s Korean drama, “Star’s Lover” a.k.a. “Celebrity Sweethearts” in the Philippines. And most of all, a revival by Richard Yap, popularly known as “Ser Chief“, from “Be Careful With My Heart (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”.

Be Careful With My Heart (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)I must say that everybody knows that I am a huge fan of the TV series as well as one of the million lovers of the character “Ser Chief“. And the moment I heard his voice singing this song, well, it just gave me goosebumps. I fell in love with Ser Chief more.

Listening to Charice‘s version is a way different. The musicality is so refreshing. I love the beat, the style, the way it was sung. And who would dare to question her amazing voice?

So people, …my lovely people, I just can’t choose whose rendition is better. And I think no one can possibly be so bad by making a choice. The two have its unique genre and mode. So why choose?

TORN BETWEEN The Power of Two and Shane Filan Philippine Tour

I just read a breaking news and I have gone crazy about it.

Shane Filan Philippine Tour

This is unbelievable! I already got tickets for “The Power of Two Charice and Aiza The Unbreakable Tour“.

The Power of TwoBut I have been waiting for Shane all my life since “WESTLIFE The Gravity Tour 2011“.

WESTLIFE The Gravity Tour 2011

This is ridiculous!