Annyeong haseyo!

In this episode, Lee Hwon 이훤 seemed so healthy. He was even doing push-up in his exercise. Oh! How I love that scene. He looked so makisig while doing that.♥

Meanwhile, Wol did not need to touch His royal body. Only her presence made His majesty felt calm and happy. He even smiled in his sleep while dreaming of his joyful childhood memories with Heo Yeon Woo 허연우. Then, he woke up with a big grin.

Hmp! Why do I feel like I am hating those girls who admire him? Aigoo.

Before going to sleep, Lee Hwon felt uneasy because he suspected that someone touched his forehead. He was so eager to know so he did not drink his sleeping tea and pretended to sleep.

Wol touched His royal body for the second time but she immediately got her hand back when she visualized some memories. Then, His majesty suddenly woke up and she was caught.

Philippine Television Airing: 13 September 2012 (GMA)