Hello there!
It’s been a while.
I wish I could make an entry every single day.
Anyway, let me share what I have to say.

Just a moment ago, I was able to answer the most intriguing question I’ve been avoiding these days.
I didn’t expect that the person who had too much courage to ask me was my little brother.
Maybe it wasn’t courage at all, but just curiosity.
I’m not sure.

He asked me why I never answer whenever I’ve been questioned about me joining this year’s Senakulo.
I finally decided not to ignore the question and responded without hesitation.
I didn’t really wanna quit.
It’s just that I’m giving it up to make my sister happy.
She was upset because her role was given to another member.
So, I decided to be a better elder sister and let her have my role.

I was sad because I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise to one person.
There was a time when I wanted to quit because our rehearsal and my idol’s show were scheduled at the same time.
Then, she persuaded me to continue this craft even if it meant that I couldn’t watch her on TV.
I was inspired to be devoted to Senakulo since that phone conversation.

But now, letting it go will be endurable because I’m doing this for my loved one.
Appreciated or not, …it doesn’t matter.
I won’t get tired of making sacrifices because that’s the only way I can express my love for them.