Hello there!

Just because I hardly fell asleep last night (being excited for class opening the next day), I decided to turn our TV and DVD player on and was able to watch one of my favourite movies.

Bedtime Stories (2008)

I love Walt Disney so I was not able to have a hard time in loving this film.
In addition to that, Adam Sandler is happened to be my favourite Hollywood actor because he has a huge sense of humour and a nice looking guy, …ehehe!
I wonder if he’s married already.

Anyway, …I love family films like this.
It brings so much joy to the children and ideas of living happily ever after to the parents.
It also makes family ties closer while laughing together.

This afternoon, my little brother used my desktop so I was stuck in watching DVDs on his room.

Push (2009)

I knew Dakota Fanning‘s existence when I was able to watch her on Charlotte’s Web but I did not recognize her easily in this film.
It seems like she grew up a lot.

Anyway, …this film captured the sensitive side of me.
Who among us won’t envy those creatures with extraordinary powers?
Watchers, for example, are able to see the future in quick flashes and scenes.
Movers can move objects and people with their minds.
Pushers, on the other hand, can “push” people into believing that certain things are or aren’t true (like hypnosis).
Bleeders emit high-pitched sonic screams that make ears bleed, while Stitches can disassemble or reassemble any scar tissue.
Sniffs can take any object and get a history of where it’s been in relation to its owner, while Wipers can erase any amount of a persons memory.
There are also Shifters, people who make objects appear to be something else (like illusionists, only more realistic), and Shadows, people whose ability is basically to block the effectiveness of other clairvoyants (the Sniffers, mainly).

I hate those Pushers and Bleeders because they bring nothing but awful deeds.
I will likely be a Sniff or a Shifter because I think that its abilities are so exciting.
Being a Wiper would be complicated if portrayed with bad personalities.
It is a relieve that Nicky wholeheartedly asked for it and not showed as a victim.

Spiderwich Chronicles (2008)

This is another fun film made possible by Nickelodeon Movies.
The lesson: “Do not ever try disobeying any direction or rule because you won’t be glad to know the consequences.”

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