I always say that I would never cry just for a guy.
But on this day, I could not imagine that I would burst into tears.


My friend (#1) and I were waiting for our turn during our Preliminary Midterm Defense.
Then, another friend (#2) told me that trigger was coming towards our place.
All of a sudden, I felt uneasy.
Because, I was thinking that #2 might blurt that I have a crush on trigger.
But, it’s a blessing that #2 was so good to me and remained quiet.

Trigger and I talked for a moment.
But, #1 just interrupted our conversation by talking to trigger in a dialect I was not fluent with.
Out of the blue, I felt out of place.
I simply walked away without making them notice me and ran to the basement.

I cried silently.
I cried inside of me.
I cried hopelessly.

…an excerpt from Westlife’s I Cry

I thought that I would always stick with my way of life.
But I have to believe now that some situations may change our lives.
Or maybe, I was not just having a crush but a love that is residing inside my heart for a long time.

Oooh! It’s too scary!
I am really afraid of being inlove.
Because I might become one of the people who once felt happy but suffering right now.

I promise to bring updates more often.
Until next entry,…

Annyeong haseyo!