It was my first time to drink with friends.
It was funny because they thought that I was really a drinker.
He – he – he!

…the thing they did not know was that it was my first time to drink that kind of brandy.

Every New Year’s Eve, my cousins and I join our uncles in drinking wine.
This year, we had Novelino.
But, Maria Clara is still the best for me.

Right after our Acquaintance Party held in Star Mall, EDSA, Jess and I decided to go with the boys.
On our way to the bus stop, I saw my greatest campus crush and even had a chance to talk with him.
I was hoping that he would come with us.
But to my dismay, he already had plans with his friends.
It’s okay.
I actually did not expect him to accept my invitation because he is protecting our reputation in school.
I just wanted to prolong our conversation and to crack him a joke.

Anyway, I ask my mom’s permission in staying overnight with friends.
She allowed me for the first time.
I went back home early the next morning.
I was so sleepy but I had to take care of my niece Yzavelle.

She is so cuddly and ticklish.
I cooked her breakfast and ate together.
When she went upstairs, I unintentionally fell asleep.

After almost four hours, I woke up only to find out that she was staring at me smiling.
She had to say Goodbye and see you.
We kissed and that’s how sweet she is.

…just a snap, my dizziness disappeared.