Nicole Rose is the first ever child of Shane Filan.
The Irish band members said that she is a Westlife princess.

At the time of Shane’s wedding, I was really hoping that his bride would not come out.
Maybe, it’s the reason why the bride reached the church twenty three (23) minutes after the call time.
It’s funny because the couple-to-be really planned to bring thrill by making the bride’s arrival fifteen minutes late.
But, Shane felt nervous rather when the grace period exceeded not having her bride-to-be in front of the altar yet. During the ceremony, I was fighting with the reality that My Love is inlove with another girl.
Not until Shane cried.
I suddenly felt his devoted love for his bride.
I accepted the fact.

On this day, I still laugh whenever I remember this moment.
I must say that he is my puppy love rather than my first love.
When Nicole was born, I whole-heartedly thanked Gillian for giving Shane the joy of being a father.
Nicole was so cute and tiny and having the same weight with Shane during his birth.
I thought that Shane finally had his life’s completeness having his own family.
I also got scared that he might leave the lads just like what Bryan did.
But, together with Nicky, Mark and Kian, they said that lovedones, families, children and friends make them even closer and make their world even bigger.
Thanks for having Nicole because the lads got a new job as babysitters.
He-he-he! *_^

Whatever happens, Westlife is Unbreakable.
…can’t wait for their next tour! *_^

…and once again,
I wish our princess Nicole all the luck in the world.
Take care of your parents and your little brother Patrick Michael.
We love you! *_^