Korean 101

  • saengil chukha : Happy Birthday!
  • gamsa hamniday : Thank You.
  • oppa : older brother (for girls; hyung : for boys)
  • unni : older sister (for girls; noona : for boys)


Today is oppa Aye’s birthday.
I used to send him greetings during this time of the year.
Then, he would send back a gamsa hamnida message.
But after he broke up with my unni, it became so hard to get in touch with him.

I thought that they were meant to be with each other for the rest of their lives.
They used to be happy and sweet together as if no one could ever part them.
We will never know what God’s purpose in letting them meet in the first place.
What we just have to believe is that He will never give us what we don’t need.
Maybe, this is one of the survival tests He wants my oppa and unni to take as if He is training them to be stronger and more matured.

The lesson of this story is that we have to believe in God and accept His blessings with all our hearts because within it, there lies His good teachings.