I always wonder why we have to take minor subjects.
Filipino is not widely used as a computer language except for some UNIX OS.
So, why do we have to study Filipino I, II and III?

But anyway, there is one minor subject I currently love.
That’s Philosophy!

Maybe, it’s because I like the professor.
She has the ability to teach effectively.
Unlike other instructors who only depend on books.

What a student like me wants is to be taught about the life itself.
We wanna face the reality as much as we try to seek the virtual world of Neo.
Through Philosophy, I am learning to appreciate the precious thing God has given me.

I also love it when teacher sang The Noble Path.
I realize that thought some people pretend they have everything; they still lack the best thing which is happiness.
We don’t have to yell for everything co’z it won’t bring us contentment.

Annyeong haseyo!