I almost lost myself a minute ago.
It started when I unintentionally saw the results of April Snow on Google Search.
I found out that the date today was supposed to be the Philippine premiere of the film. I
t would have been dubbed in Tagalog.

I really thought that I had missed it on Lunch Box Office in Studio 23.
It’s good that the films scheduled last Sunday (R-Point) and this afternoon (April Snow) were replaced by Sister Act 1 and 2.
Moreover, R-Point is re-scheduled to, I think, the third Sunday of July.
So, April Snow must be shown early on August.

But anyway, I have plans already in buying April Snow DVD to be combined in my Hotelier DVD shipment.
Can’t wait to receive another BYJ items.
He – he – he!

Annyeong haseyo!

YOUTUBE: April Snow Trailer with Eng Subs