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It was almost nine o’clock when XEND Express delivered my orders from lovapalooza of eBay. I thought that I would not receive it today. Anyway, I watched the first episodes of the three (3) DVD’s as test – play.

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I think I will really love this story because Yong Joon ssi played the role of a professor.
His students’ love for him, I absolutely understand because that is also what I feel when I meet gorgeous instructors.
He – he – he!

It had been predicted that we, BYJ Sisters, will completely lose our mind and control if our oppa would be our mentor.
Ha – ha – ha!

Anyway, this drama is mainly dedicated to early parents and mostly a message for the youth.
So, do not dare to miss this on your collections.

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Love or Bread?
It is what this drama wanted the viewers to bear in mind when getting into a relationship.

Fixed marriage is now widely known as Political Marriage.
This is only performed by high – class families in order to secure their wealth.

In my own reflection, why would they choose money over affection if they could not achieve inner peace and happiness?
So fool and indecisive of them.

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The Korean Wave has been flowing in the hearts of every Filipino since the phenomenal Winter Sonata.

Jun (a.k.a. Joseph) and Janice has never been forgotten until this time of the day.
Their story touched many people’s lives not just in Asia but all over the world.
And that only proves that their love is so endless.

Can’t wait to see the Anime Remake.
I hope that it will also be aired in Arirang, Korea’s Global TV.

YouTube: Winter Sonata: The Animation