Based on the novel Dangerous Liaisons,…

… a timeless story of sex and manipulation

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I had seen the movie trailer unintentionally during my mobile surfing last week.
I was shocked because I have known Bae Yong Joon as a wholesome Hallyu Star.
How come he did such role playing?

What I did next is researching for the movie’s reviews.

“A viciously purring comedy of sexual conquest,… boldly conceived,… a major feat.”
Elvis Mitchell, NEW YORK TIMES

“It’s a ten (10) course treat for the eyes and ears,… an elegant, witty game of seduction.”
Derek Elley, VARIETY

I do not really watch sexy videos.
It is like I feel pitiful in behalf of the girl.
I am one of her kind so I know how it feels to be the indecent desire of boys.

But after that night, I could not believe that I actually asking my friend, MA, if he has a copy of the film.
He called me at once saying that he was alarmed that I told him through text that I needed it badly.


I really could not believe that I had done such things.
Anyway, I related Bae Yong Joon as my excuse.
I wanted to know how sexy his role and that if it really contained the naughty scenes.

Finally after being out – of – mind during our night swimming because of longing to watch the film, I actually played it on my desktop right after I posted my latest blog.
I even closed my room’s door and windows because the film seemed so sensitive.
I am sure that my mom would get heart attack if she found out that I was watching an adult film.

It surprised me seeing the first part of the film.
There were angles which I believed shot with Bae‘s double.
I do not think that he would do such things on – cam.
On the second thought, there might be ways on faking the scenes being shot with Bae himself.


I do not know what to think.
Maybe, it is just that I usually see Bae in his prince charming look.
And, that I do not believe that he actually did the acting.


I was moved by Lord Cho Won and Lady Jung‘s **** – making.
It was hard to say that it was only Bae‘s double.
But, I still could not believe that it was he.
The guy was almost naked and I do no think that Bae would act that way.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Enough for the mind – twisting thing.
It made me cried at the end of the film.
Lord Cho Won finally found his love through the persona of Lady Jung.
His trick playing just turned to trap him in an unfamiliar feelings that he tried to ignore.
But just before his life ended, he admitted that he was just pretending.

Lady Jung, upon knowing the real feelings of her love, just committed suicide.
She said, “But up there, we could say we are a married couple, and no one will say anything.”

They really found true love in each other’s arms.

IMAGE: Untold Scandal

VIDEO: Untold Scandal