I spent more than two hours in VoiceNet today.
I was so happy because the connection speed was almost 2 mbps.
I never believed that it would reached its maximum level.

Ha – ha – ha!

The main reason was that, the caretaker and I were only the people inside the shop.
And, she was just watching a movie.
So, I was connected fully.

Ha – ha – ha!

Anyway, I came to VoiceNet to make my spare time productive.
Instead of waiting in the bench for my scholarship endorsement, I decided to download necessary files from the internet.

The most important of all was the Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus.
It has been my companion since I owned a desktop.
I recommend this to my friends because it is so effective.
I had tried McAfee, Norton and AVG.
But, they never outpassed AntiVir.

I also visited the official site of Bae Yong Joon Oppa.
By using my dial – up connection at home, it took so long to load a single page.
So, my visit was so satisfying.

And finally, I saved several videos of BYJ from YouTube.
I also got a full – length film from Veoh.
It was the curious Untold Scandal.

BYJ sisters do not suggest watching the movie because it has the stongest capability of making the fans turned off.
For me, it is not just curiosity but more like on loving Bae‘s accomplishments.
We will see after I had seen the film.

Right now, we are preparing for our family’s night swimming.
I can’t wait, anymore.

He – he – he!

So, I better pack my things up.
Until next time,…