It has been my habit to look for Winter Love Song DVD in my cousin’s stuff.

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Until yesterday, she related that she mistook to lend the DVD, instead of Stairway to Heaven DVD, to her officemate.

It was a relieve because I thought that she exchanged it for other title, …e – he – he!

This morning, we went to the store where Asian series and movies are being sold.
I tried to find DVD’s which starred Bae Yong Joon Oppa.
I finally found First Love but to my dismay, the first disc was not playing during the test play.

It should have been my first time to buy a pirated DVD which I am really against to.
But for the sake of seeing Bae’s previous series and movies, I would love to buy.
Maybe, it is fate that prevents me from doing this bad thing.

Anyway, I started looking for Korean towns existing here in the Philippines.
I would love to visit stores and communities since I am now inspired of learning their culture.
In fact, I am just addicted tuning – in to Arirang.
And, I am planning to have a vacation in Seoul if time permits.

Until next time,…

IMAGE: Winter Love Song

IMAGE: Stairway to Heaven

IMAGE: First Love