This morning, David Archuleta had a guesting on SIS Live!
He is such a cute little angel.

We all have known him in the American Idol Season Seven (7) last year.
During the Finale, I was expecting that he would win the title because all of his performances are simply incredible and stunning.
Even the judges had been amazed giving him the best remarks ever.
Unfortunately, his competitor had more supporters than him.
I used to like David Cook, too.

In fact, I was touched by his last competing song when he almost cried.
His hard work had been paid off when he won the title.
I was so happy for him.

It just made me wonder why Cook could not join Archuleta in his guesting.
Through this TV appearance, I found that the latter is so down-to-earth person.
He even felt embarrassed before singing because of being amazed in the performance of the Filipino talents.
I hope I can watch his concert personally.

Today is my parent’s twentieth wedding anniversary.
I have not been vocal in telling that I love them.
But, I make sure that they feel it with their hearts.

They say, “Actions speak louder than words.”
But, I still envy people who can easily say “I love you” to the ones they love.
What I usually do is just write and let be read by the ones I love even we are just sitting right next to each other.

Maybe, I would just have to practice making poems and recite it in front of the ones I love.
That would be a next level.

IMAGE: David Archuleta

IMAGE: David Cook