Hello there!

It has been a long time since I last posted here.
Actually, I really like to share how I live each day.
But, I have a hard time surfing the net.

I had been very busy during our thesis proper that I could not get a chance to visit my own blog site.
How terrible my life is!

Anyway, my groupmates and I are supposed to start designing our system this vacation.
But, I do not think they would like to sacrifice these days with no classes.
I am not even send them any message asking for brain storming or traditional research meetings.
Am I being irresponsible as a leader???
I thought so.

Eversince we got together as a group, all of our projects had been created the day before the submission.
Can you believe this?

I would say that it is better to work individual than doing with a group.
Or, I just do not have the capability to be the leader because I cannot persuade my groupmates.

“Come what may.”
This is what I always say when I could not convince my groupmates to work on our project right away after announced by our professor.
Isn’t it annoying?

You know, I actually had attended a basic leadership training when I was in high school.
And, I know in myself that I could be a good leader.
But, in this moment, I cannot stand this fact.

Good luck to me.