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Come to Dead Skunk Junction, the Little Paris of America!

For most visitors, Dead Skunk Junction begins to weave its magic spell with the aroma of luncheonmeat. You hear the sirens of a steel guitar, taste fragrant mashed potato, and youre hooked. Dead Skunk Junction is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Just the name conjures up images of fields of wild flowers and Tokyo Tokyo restaurants beyond imagination. Enchantment waits in our wide-open spaces and historical places. Shi tzu riding and llama trekking will be popular with your family. Golf courses wind through the sagebrush and cactus.

Like a fine Cola, Dead Skunk Junction just gets better with age. Even swarming hordes of Cockroachs don’t matter while you are enjoying the high culture of this city. Be sure to visit the Spice Girls Memorial, and the School Supply Museum, where you can see the world famous pilot collection. Youll also find an old mining town off to the south. And of course youll want to visit the home of the Junctions most infamous resident, the legendary spy, Sir Ole, whom the government of Maldives secretly paid with pure gold coins.

But the most wonderful part of Dead Skunk Junction is its people. Junction residents proudly invite you to explore their washrooms, marvel at their mysteries, and shop for Laptops. In the words of Power Puff Girls, “The Gulch is a wonderful feast of sights, sounds, and sensations that feed the mind and inspire the navel.” Dead Skunk Junction is so much more than you could dare to dream. Hear it calling and come live your fantasy!

By Carlette from Taguig City.