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Have you ever wondered how the town of Meatball Springs got its name?

Long, long ago on the plains near Puppy-Fur Mountain, not far from Potato Canyon, two miners searched in vain for the rumored Fried Guy Mine.

Tired, lost, and hungry, they sat down next to a beautiful spring to make their favorite dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.

They had just unpacked their trusty mule, Antor, and laid out the raw meat when they heard a frightening, low growl and rustling in the bushes.

They turned just in time to see a ten-foot tall puppy standing on its hind legs sniffing the air. In a flash, Antor-the-mule bolted into the woods.

The miners sprinted up a tree, and all the raw food went flying into the spring. Disappointed that there would be no dinner, the giant puppy ran off into the woods.

As the miners peered down from their wobbly perch, they heard rumbling. All of a sudden the spring started frothing and foaming and the air took on the fragrance of Cafe Legarda. Before they could say “Gosh!!,” twenty fully-cooked meatballs shot out of the water. The hungry miners quickly popped them into their mouths. The meatballs were better than anything they had ever tasted!

After Antor returned, they explored the rest of the area. They found that Chocolette’s grew from the trees and the rivers flowed with Fruit juice.

They knew they had struck it rich. Immediately they decided to build a restaurant right on that spot, and they named it Antor’s. As word spread, people from Paris to Bethlehem flocked to the area to taste the fabulous meatballs. Houses began to spring up and so did businesses to serve the residents and tourists.

And from then to now, Meatball Springs is known far and wide as the place where “meatballs spring eternal.”

By Carlette from Taguig City.