Hello there!

Yesterday, my friends told me that we would talk about our case study. I told them that the case study is not by group but by partners. To be sure, I asked our others classmates about that. And they confirmed that it is by group. He-he-he!

I was laughing when they carefully told me the real thing. They told me that they had seen Mark with a girl. They told me that it seemed that the relationship is intimate. The girl’s hand was on his lap as if he is her boyfriend and Mark was holding her hand as if she is his girlfriend. When Mark noticed that they were looking at them, he let go of the girl’s hand and his eyes turned serious as if telling something. My friends being confused, they asked Mark’s friend about the girl and to their dismay, he told them that it is Mark’s girlfriend.

My friends told that to the rest of the group except me, thinking of what they must do. They decided to ask somebody else because they wanted confirmation. Another friend of Mark told them that it is not Mark’s girlfriend.

Finally yesterday, they told me everything. By hearing that, my heart felt shock but my body showed it was nothing to me. The total truth, upon knowing that, I started running out of mind and my heart kept on beating abnormal.

I did not make my friends felt that I was affected because I tried my best to hide what I was feeling that time. My friends thought that I was kidding when I invited the group to come to our friend’s house but I really meant it. Every time I feel different, I always want to go to far places to unwind. I make sure that I get a long transportation to be able to think widely.

The joke came true but I only stayed for about two hours there. The rain was falling when I was taking my way back home. My mind kept on thinking a lot of things and seemed like its capacity could not handle the processes anymore.

When I got back home, I told my sister about the gossip. Then, she told it to my mom. I was so ashamed that the man I love is not actually in-love with me.

When the night came, Mark texted me, “Magandang gabi!” (“Good evening!”) My emotion became active and automatically, I typed, “Ano ang maganda sa gabi?” (“What is good in the evening?”) I thought twice in sending that message because it was not good of me. Instead, I forwarded an image of my celebrity idol. After sending, I wished that he would not reply anymore but he was doing otherwise. It seemed that he was enjoying the conversation while I was continuing wishing that he would not text me back. We texted a lot but no one tried mentioning the girl. When I finally could not bear my hidden emotions, I told him that I was already feeling sleepy.

I slept tightly but when the midnight came, my sleep was distracted. It was so quiet last night. Then, I heard my heart beats. My mind started thinking. I saw Mark and the girl. Things got in to my mind, even the impossibles. And then, I felt the warmth of the weep running of my cheeks. I did not notice that I suddenly slept.

When I was on my way to school this morning, I remembered everything and thought wisely. Finally, something flashed back to my mind. I remembered Mark’s classmate who was madly in-love with him way back in their high school years. The girl is also studying in our university and keeps telling that she still likes Mark. She told that during their fourth year, she was being aggressive because Mark ignored her. She even sat to Mark laps but he was being annoyed. This thoughts lifts me up during this test. I am feeling good right now but you know, I kept away from meeting or seeing Mark. I am afraid to know and see that the gossip is true.

Anyway, I am really feeling okay right now. I hope that you can act in response of this entry. Thank you for taking time in reading this. Until next time!