Hello there!

Our class had just won 1st place in the Dramatic Speech Choir Competition.
With our piece, “The Bells” by Edgar Allan Poe, the judges were amazed.
Thanks God, we survived.


Yesterday, I went to my schoolmate’s debut celebration.
Actually, I was not supposed to go there.
I was just force to come, …but it was okay, anyway.

During our trip to the celebrant’s home, my buddy just blurted that Mark was already in the party.
I was prepared for that reality.
Just because the celebrant is actually his classmate.

We came there and he was the one my eyes first looked for.
He’s so cute wearing simple shirt over jeans and rubber shoes.

Asusual, I did not have strength to talk with him.
He was the first one to talk telling me that I was texting with my seatmate and he meant that I just had to talk and not to text.
Just like that.

I ignored him.

It’s because I was so ashamed to even look at his eyes.
I only stared at him when he was not looking at me.

The greatest thing happened in the event was when he made his solo videoke performance.
By listening to his melody, it made me fall for him more.

I am just wondering why he chose “Before I Let You Go” which goes like,

I can still remember yesterday
We were so in love in a special way…

Before I let you go
I want to say I love you
I hope that you’re listenin’
‘coz it’s true, baby, oh yeah
You’ll be forever in my heart
And I know that no one else will do
So before I let you go
I want to say “I love you”

Did he mean “Goodbye“?