Thank you for having a time in reading my entries here in my site.
I really appreciate it.

You know what,
this guy always ask me if I were mad at him.
I feel so guilty because he is not doing anything wrong at me.
I just want to avoid him because my friends always tease us.
I hate to be teased,
you know.

I know I am not being fair with him.
I always prepare to talk with him about this.
But when I am there,
I always forget.

I know he knows what I want to say but he does not make me remember it.
He has a psych knowledge,
you know.
he always tell me,
if I cannot say it,
I shall write it.
He always insist that I have something to tell him,
which is really true,
and which I always forget when we are talking.
I do not know.
I always become tongue-tied everytime we talk.