Hello there
, again!

I have something to share with you guys.
It is about my feelings with someone in our university.

He is such a gorgeous guy.
Last semester,
everyone seemed to be fond of him.
I did not have hard times in having his attention because he was the one who approached me.

I felt something weird everytime he looked at me.
I just knew that I was not the only one whom he looked at that way.

I felt conscious when he was around.
Even if he was not looking at me,
his presence made me feel weird.

Those times when we were talking,
I felt my world being up side down.
I could not explain the feeling.
The only thing I knew was that,
I was falling.

Before the semester ended,
he told us that we would see each other again.
He would try…

During the semestial vacation,
I was thinking of him all the time.
I did not know why.

Second Semester had just started last 13th.
He is the first thing which came up in my mind.
Will we really see each other again???
I was shocked when he told us that he would spend the semester with us.
The shock just turned into happiness.
I thank God for a wonderful advance christmas gift.

I do not admit that I have a crush on him because I think that it is love (he-he-he!).
I related every little thing to my cousin, Daryl, who is also studying in the university.
I was so happy when he told me that he thought that this guy was already falling for me but when I told this to our common cousin,
he told me that that was only his opinion and that he only did not want me to be disappointed.

I do not believe in his last thought.
he have been not supportive about my lovelife.
Our common cousin told me that I am not inlove with this guy.
It is only admiration.
I agree with her and told her that this guy is only my object of desire.
I am really not sure.
I just do not want others to know this especially those whom this guy and I befriend.

What will I do???
Help me,